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AI Beyond Text Generation: A song about a worm

4 minute read

When ChatGPT first came out, I remember showing my family funny poems that it could write. I remember the novelty of telling ChatGPT to make the poem rhyme, ...

What I look for when hiring teammates

2 minute read

I previously wrote about the traits of a good leader in a startup. I spent some time reflecting on the key traits I value when hiring new teammates. This isn...

Prompt Engineering Quickstart

5 minute read

I want to build my Prompt Engineering skills. As I highlighted in a previous post, I’m convinced that LLMs will be a huge part of the future of work. Underst...

Clear Thinking : Take-Aways

7 minute read

I finished reading Shane Parrish’s new book Clear Thinking. It has quite a few nuggets of wisdom that I’d like to reference in the future. I’m trying to get ...

Co-Intelligence : Take-Aways

5 minute read

I recently finished reading Co-Intelligence by Ethan Mollick. I was very eager to read this book, as Ethan continually posts fantastic LLM content on Twitter...

Leadership in startup companies

5 minute read

I’ve spent most of my career in small-ish VC-backed startup companies, with between 10 and 150 people. Things tend to move and change fast in small companies...

Why I want to write

2 minute read

I’ve recently built a desire to write more, and wanted to dig into why I am feeling this way. What are my reasons and goals? A big part of this desire is roo...

Minimum Viable Competence

1 minute read

There is an endless amount of stuff in the world to learn, and not enough time to learn it. The demands of modern work nudge us to build skills in a very spe...

Explaining LLMs to non-technical people

2 minute read

Explaining how things work to different audiences is a topic that interests me. Can you put yourself in the mind-space of the person you’re speaking with — a...

Being present

1 minute read

Last month, during a visit to the Apple Store, I experienced an unexpected nudge towards being present — a concept I encounter frequently in books I’ve read....

Being a good dad

3 minute read

I want to be a great dad. It’s not easy. Being a dad is the biggest privilege and opportunity in my life. As a parent, you have huge responsibility in the ac...

A small thought on focus

less than 1 minute read

Everything competes for your attention The most recent thing seems like the most important Without a framework for what you pay attention to, what hap...

Top Books From 2013

8 minute read

At the beginning of 2013, I made a resolution to learn more things outside of Technology. In the past, I’ve been a semi-active reader, finishing about 15 boo...

Artificial Progress

3 minute read

Thoughts on doing ‘things about the thing’ instead of the thing itself

I’ve Done This Before

1 minute read

… can be a dangerous attitude to have when trying to solve a problem.

My bank password is ‘sort-of’ hashed

3 minute read

Yesterday, I called Fidelity to get help with my account. Before I was connected to a human, I was asked to enter my username, and then my password using the...

The Complexity Versus Value Trap

4 minute read

There is not a linear relationship between the complexity of a product’s features and the product’s value to an end user. The graph of complexity versus valu...

A Student of the Business Model Generation

3 minute read

I am a new student of the Business Model Generation. I’m working to understand and apply the tools and techniques outlined by key influencers such as Steve B...

Where did this month go? And don’t optimize!

2 minute read

People have told me that it isn’t easy to keep up a blog. Now I know what they mean! Somehow, I’ve gone an entire month without posting anything — time seems...

Applying Amdahl’s Law to Your Life

4 minute read

Ok, I admit it…this may qualify as the nerdiest / lamest name for a blog post…ever…in the history of the blogosphere…but hear me out on this one, because I’m...

Learning from the Financial Crisis

5 minute read

Over the last 5 years since I began working full-time, I have developed a strong interest in investing in the stock market. I started investing in mutual fun...

What’s at the CORE

1 minute read

The bloggers over at Newly Corporate are asking “What 1 or 2 CORE traits get you noticed at work or help you succeed in your day-to-day operations” Here is t...

Habits of a Rockstar Software Engineer

4 minute read

Every day, a software project dies. Some die a slow, painful, expensive, death. Others die a quick, not painless, and relatively embarrassing death. As Sof...