Matt Stockton

Hi, I'm Matt. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a Software Engineer in Milwaukee, WI --- originally from Ann Arbor, MI (Go Blue!).

I enjoy writing software, running, reading, watching my favorite sports teams, and learning new things. I'm curious, driven, and willing to focus my skills and efforts on things that are challenging and interesting. I'm continuously trying to figure out how to make my dent in the world --- and to help others do the same.

If you're looking for my iPhone applications, you can find links to them below. Some of my other projects are listed below as well. If you want to get in touch, I'm on twitter and LinkedIn --- or email is fine as well.

My Projects

I like to build things. Here are some of the iPhone apps, Web apps, and other projects I've built or helped to build.

ConGrep: Searchable Congress

Giving you the tools you need to hold your representatives accountable. Angular.js/Bootstrap, hosted on Heroku. Uses the Sunlight Congress API


Nodal is a fun way to visualize your GitHub connections. Drag your connections around in the browser, and watch them obey the laws of physics! Built with Kris Gosser and Jesse Vogt. Python/Flask/D3.js, hosted on Heroku. See the code on GitHub

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Track the daily activities you care about. Dead simple data entry, awesome charts and graphs. Built with Kris Gosser and Jesse Vogt. Python/Django/D3.js, hosted on Heroku


Instantly compare shipping rates across UPS®, FedEx®, and USPS®. Built with Kris Gosser and Kevin Lindbergh. Python/Django, hosted on Heroku

Quick Search for LinkedIn™

A Chrome Extension that lets you contextually search your LinkedIn™ network from any web page.

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Voice Advantage

Automated interviewing tool for Human Resources and Staffing. Get a higher fidelity first contact with your candidates through Voice Advantage. Built at HarQen.


Better Web Conferencing. No downloads, hassle-free joining, optional recording to securely save notes and conversations for later. Built at HarQen.

A better way to search manpages. A quick way to understand arguments being passed to linux commands. Built on a weekend for fun.


One click link sharing with a 30 second audio snippet. Add your own audio spin to the textual story. Bookmarklet integration into the browser, share via a short-link. Winner of 2010 Spreenkler Hackathon. Built with Kris Gosser. Java/Spring, and Flash for the audio recording, hosted on Google AppEngine

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1000 Eyes

Experience live and past events on any device through the lenses of the people there. Share and view photos on your iPhone, searchable by location and event. (Hey, we did this before Color!) Built with Mike Massie, Blake Samic, and Joe Phillips. Objective-C/iOS SDK/Java/Spring, hosted on Google AppEngine

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Introduced the concept of negotiated audit on social networks. Sh@re enables users to get valuable feedback about how their data is being used. Research paper for my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Illinois