Matt Stockton
Blurbs wins first place in the Spreenkler Hackathon

Over the weekend, Kris Gosser (@krisgosser) and I participated in the Spreenkler Talent Labs Hackathon at the Grand Avenue mall. We had a ton of fun, met some great people, and we built something that we are pretty proud of! Here is a quick ‘Blurb’ on what we built.

We built an application called Blurbs. People share links, stories, pictures, etc. with their friends every day. When you share a link, you add a bit of context to go with it (e.g. ‘Hey check out this story, it’s really inspiring!’). We thought, wouldn’t it be nice to add this context with your voice instead of text? So we did it.

Blurbs is a bookmarklet that you install into your web browser. When you find something to share online, you simply have to: 1. Click the ‘Blurbs’ bookmarket. A window is injected into the top of your browser 2. In the window, click the Record button and record a 30 second or less ‘Blurb’ about the site 3. Add an optional note to go along with the recording 4. Click the Done button, and receive a short-link. 5. Share this short-link with you friends through twitter, facebook, email, or any other mechanism you want to. 6. When your friends click the link, they will see the page you were on, and also will be able to hear you talking about it! Magic!

It was really interesting to learn strategies for injecting code into a website via a bookmarklet. This was by far the most interesting part for me. It was also neat to spend some time in Flash. I had never built anything in Flash before, and this appeared to be our only option if we were going to interface with the Microphone.

There were some other really great projects, and the overall energy level was awesome — thanks to Spreenkler for hosting the event! Kris and I didn’t code through the night (we went home to get some rest), but I think that made us more effective in the morning. Anyway, we ended up with first place!

Here are some screenshots of the final product: