Matt Stockton
This Or That - Now available on the iPhone App Store!

To play, choose your game pack from a variety of themes. Let’s say you choose “Hot or Cold” . The game presents you an item, like “Ice Cream” and you need to decide, as fast as you can, if that item is Hot or Cold (In this case, it’s cold). Simply swipe the item “Ice Cream” towards the correct answer “Cold” as fast as you can to receive the most points. But be careful, wrong answers count against you.

There are several game modes all with their own high-score boards powered by our friends at OpenFeint

We’re always adding new game packs, which you can find using on the “Choose a pack” page using the “Get More” button. We get that content from experts and comedians in our Content Network and from user’s like you!

For more information on the app, you can visit

This Or That in the App Store