Matt Stockton
WordSpy - Now available on the iPhone App Store!

My new iPhone Application has been launched to the App Store. This one is a word game where you have to identify words in a stream of characters that scrolls progressively faster across the screen. Pretty fun!

Are you a WordSpy?? Then prove it!

WordSpy is a fun word game where you must find hidden words which are embedded in scrolling text across the screen. As you find more words, the scrolling gets faster and faster adding to the difficulty.

There are several levels that you can play:

There are over 25,000 words included in WordSpy, so you are sure to have plenty of hours of entertainment.

If you are a word lover, looking to find new words, studying for verbal exams, or are looking for some fun and educational entertainment, then WordSpy is for you! If nothing else, you are sure to learn some new words.

For each word that you correctly identify, the words will scroll slightly faster. For each word that you miss, the words will scroll slower. You get three misses before the game is over.

Challenge friends to see who can get the high score!

WordSpy in the App Store