Matt Stockton
LookAlike - Now available on the iPhone App Store!

My third iPhone Application has been launched to the App Store. This one is a ‘facial recognition’ application where you can pre-configure the results to prank your friends. I tried this on a bunch of buddies this weekend, and had the app return ‘Beetlejuice’ from the Howard Stern show for one of them…got a ton of laughs out of that one!!!

Prank your friends with LookAlike The ‘facial recognition’ application that allows you to make your friends ‘Look Like’ anyone!

LookAlike is a great way to play a Prank on your friends and get a bunch of laughs in the process. You can take their picture with the iPhone, and LookAlike will pretend to ‘process’ their facial features, looking for a matching person that they look like…The trick is that you are allowed to configure what the resulting match will be before hand!

Here’s how the application works:

You can configure multiple corners, and prank multiple friends in a row for more realistic results! If you make a few of the results believable, and the last result absolutely ridiculous, your friends will be rolling on the floor laughing!

I have tried this on many of my friends, and I have had them all laughing hysterically at the results. Try it today!

Images by Vincent Boiteau – used with permission and remixed by Zach Poley

LookAlike in the App Store