Matt Stockton
TimeTrak - Now available on the iPhone App Store!

I just recently launched my first iPhone Application to the App Store! Here are the details, and please comment with any feedback that you have!

TimeTrak is a simple and elegant time tracking utility to help you stay organized. A perfect solution for consultants, physical therapists, contractors, or anyone else who has to keep a precise running log of their activities! At the end of the day, with the push of a button, you can have all of your time tracking information emailed to you!

TimeTrak lets you track your tasks like a stop watch. When you start a new task, you simply specify the start time of the task and the tag for the activity. While the task is running, you will see a real-time counter showing the duration time of the activity. When you are done with the task, you simply press a button to end it, and the information is saved. When you are ready to store your task information somewhere else, you can email all the data to yourself right from the application!

You can even use TimeTrak as a calendar, as it allows you to enter tasks that you have scheduled for the future.

In addition to task entry, TimeTrak has multiple ways that you can view your data, including a summary view mode (grouped into future tasks, tasks in the last 24 hours, task in the last week, and older tasks), and a view by date mode. TimeTrak enables you to add, update, and edit the tag of the tasks simply and easily with the swipe or push of a finger.

TimeTrak functionality

This application is made for one thing – tracking your time – and it does it very well! If you need a simply utility to track your time, then TimeTrak is for you!

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main graphics created by Zach Poley

TimeTrak in the App Store