Matt Stockton
First Post (!)

Wow,  setting up Wordpress was easier than I thought it would be! This post is the first step in one (among many) of my new years resolutions. I promised myself that 2009 would be the year where I channel my creative energy and passion about technology to do something productive and interesting. I often find myself brainstorming / thinking about new ideas that leverage technology and the web to do cool things.  In the past, I have done some basic prototyping of several of the ideas, but the prototyping usually ended fairly quickly, and I soon lost interest. I’m not exactly sure why I lost the interest — maybe it was because I knew the ideas weren’t good enough, maybe because I didn’t have enough time, or maybe it was because I didn’t surround myself with people who shared the same passion for technology who I could lean on for help and advice.

A major goal of this blog is to change the third point mentioned above – I hope to lean on the technology community for help, advice, and feedback as I pursue new ideas and thoughts. This will be a place where I reflect on my thoughts about technology, software, the web (and possibly other subjects that fall through the cracks!) in hopes of re-gaining the spark to innovate, and move past brainstorming and prototyping to making real, working products.

I’m excited to say that that I have taken the first step towards my goal in starting this blog – I hope to make some great contacts in the Milwaukee tech community (and beyond) – and please give me a big kick in the rear if I start slipping up on my new years resolution!!!